Things you didn't know about Joanna Gaines

It seems there's nothing Joanna Gaines can't do. She has a successful design show with her adorable husband while raising four kids and somehow is always starting new business ventures. You'd think someone with that much going on would be constantly stressed and a nightmare to work with, but it seems Gaines is just as down-to-earth and kind as she appears to be on Fixer Upper. There's a lot we found out about her, from her first job to her latest new career. So grab a seat on your custom shiplap bench, and let's learn about our favorite HGTV star.

Her favorite room in the house will surprise you

No one has an eye for transforming a room like Joanna Gaines. From spacious living rooms to incredible kitchens, she puts her mark on everything she does. Maybe that's why I was so surprised to learn what her favorite room is in her family's house. "I love my laundry room," she told Today. "I know that's a funny thing to love, but this summer I gave it a complete makeover and now it's a place that inspires me." Gaines explained that the room is full of natural light and is just a comfortable space.

Another reason Gaines can't get enough of the laundry room? It houses her favorite piece of furniture. Gaines purchased an antique tavern table back in 2003 and has always held onto it. "I never wanted to sell it because it was the first investment I made in the shop," she shared. "I've held on to it for 13 years, and now it's finally settled in this space and it's the perfect place to fold laundry and drink coffee." Can't you just picture her sipping her warm coffee in that sun-soaked room? Almost makes you want to do laundry right now!

She's an early bird

Gaines told HGTV that she and Chip get up around 5 a,m. most days. That makes sense considering everything they have going on. Getting four kids ready for school and out the door is no small feat, so Gaines makes sure she is up and dressed before waking them up. She actually showers at night to save time in the mornings. As if getting a family of six out the door by 8 a.m. wasn't impressive enough, Gaines likes to cook a hot breakfast for everyone. Her favorites are biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and eggs with toast. After that she grabs a coffee with cream and is ready to take on the day.

She loves being off the grid

It's pretty unusual to hear about a popular reality star wanting nothing to do with television or the Internet, but that's just how Joanna Gaines likes it. "Being on the farm, we don't have the best wireless connection. But honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way," she shared with Today. "A big part of moving out to the country was to disconnect and enjoy being with our family." Gaines and her husband, Chip, still keep their cell phones handy, but always put them away when they're with their kids.

Another way Gaines makes sure she is fully present with her family? They don't own a television! Yep, that's right. The stars of a hit show don't actually have a way to watch it. Gaines admits that they do keep up with TV at friends' houses, but she doesn't plan on buying a one anytime soon. "We didn't buy a TV when we first got married," Gaines told HGTV. "And we have yet to buy one."

She's a baker at heart

Judging from her inspirational designs and touches, it's clear that Joanna Gaines is a deeply creative person. The kitchens she designs are often the most remarkable transformations in the houses. Maybe that's why it makes sense that she's using some of that creativity for whipping up some kitchen creations. Gaines told Today that she's been dreaming of opening up a bakery every since opening up her Little Shop on Bosque Boulevard. "After our move to the Silos (our market and shops), the little building on the front of the property was the perfect spot to finally open one," she said.

So what's Gaines' go-to dessert at the bakery? She recommends the Cup o' Jo cupcake. "The chocolate cupcake with the chocolate espresso icing is rich, but there's no such thing as too much chocolate for me," she admitted.

Another bun in the oven?

As if Gaines and her family weren't busy enough with a hit show, booming business, new bakery, and magazine, they've actually considered growing their family yet again. Gaines told People in an interview that she has been trying to get her husband Chip on board with having a fifth child. "I look at life as the more the better," she shared. "If I found out we were having another baby, I would be really excited. We like a full plate. That's just how Chip and I operate." I believe adding a fifth baby to the mix would officially make Gaines a superwoman.

She used to be broke

When Joanna and Chip first married, they didn't have much. In fact, Joanna's dad asked Chip when he was going to get a real job for the first two years of their marriage! "I remember when we first got married, the only money we had was what was in Chip's pocket," Joanna shared with People. "He always had a wad of cash, but we were broke. If I needed to go grocery shopping it's whatever was in his pocket. That's how we paid the bills."

Her style has evolved

Watching Fixer Upper, it's pretty incredible to think that Gaines has no training in design. Her homes always look so polished, but she didn't even plan to go into real estate. Gaines told Glamour that she has no design background whatsoever. "I was actually a communications major and had never done design," she explained. "I had always had a dream to open up a boutique of some sort. I didn't know what kind of boutique, but we found this little fixer upper building and tackled that project together in the first year of marriage, and that's when Magnolia opened, our retail location. I sold a bunch of products that would go in the home." And thank goodness she did!

So how did she get so good at what she does? Practice. Gaines' style wasn't always so refined. She shared with HGTV that the style of her first house was "all over the map." She explained, "the front room had sailboats in it, the kitchen was mustard yellow and French themed, and the back den was rustic with cedar paneled walls, hanging horns, and cow hides. I guess I was testing out my style."

Mistakes happen

One of the things fans love about Joanna Gaines is her down-to-earth nature. She's the first to admit when she makes a mistake, and she shared her first big design one with HGTV. "For our first high-end flip, I chose a tan stucco color," Gaines said. "After it was painted, I pulled up to the house and it looked like a big yellow school bus." That experience served as a painful lesson to always invest in paint samples before taking the plunge.

Add one more career

So now we know Joanna Gaines is a mom, designer, business owner, and baker, but the reality star doesn't stop there. When one of her clients told her she was planning to tear down her greenhouse, Gaines stepped in. Now every night after dinner (which she cooks, of course) Gaines tends to her plants. She loves growing roses, oranges, lemons, limes, and fresh herbs.

It makes sense that Gaines is getting back into the food industry, because that's where she started. The greenhouse grows much healthier food than she enjoyed in the past, though. Her first job was a waitress at an all-you-can-eat buffet. "I still have an appreciation for buffet lines," she told PopSugar, although now the only ones who will go with her are the kids.

Get ready to swoon

It's clear from watching Fixer Upper that Chip and Joanna have undeniable chemistry. They seem to balance each other out perfectly, but you can never really tell just from a television show. Well, it seems that their marriage really is that amazing, and it's because they work on it.

"One pretty amazing thing we learned early on was that the more time we spent together, the better our relationship was," she shared with Today. "I think a lot of couples feel the need to get away from each other now and then, to take little breaks, and they come back after a girls' weekend or a guys' fishing trip or something all refreshed and happy to reconnect because they missed each other." But that's just not the case for the two of them. "We were just the opposite and still are. We seem to give each other energy."

She still sticks to a budget

Joanna Gaines' down-to-earth style has attracted viewers from all over, and it's because of things like this. She still expects herself to stick to a budget when she's shopping for home goods. Even at the flea market, Gaines goes in with a plan. "I always go with a budget in mind so I don't get carried away," she told PopSugar. "When I find something I like, I first determine the value and what I will spend on it before I look at the price tag."

Want to bring home some of Gaines' style when you're on a budget? She recommends starting with some easy, inexpensive upgrades that make a big difference. Gaines told HGTV that some of her favorites are fresh flowers anywhere in the house, new throw pillows for the couch, and bright dish towels in the kitchen.

She's a worrier

Gaines shared with PopSugar that she has always been the worrier in the relationship. Once she learned about fixing up houses, she loved upgrading her own home but had concerns about doing it for someone else. She worried about the risk, the budget, and if this project would pay off. Luckily, Chip was there to ease her worries. "He thrives with risk," Gaines said. "I learned quickly to trust Chip's instincts on the buy and to be resourceful when it came to implementing the design so that we were smart with our investments." Looks like there's nothing to worry about now!