Signs you've become a toxic person

As part of my work in crisis intervention, I'd see couples and families all the time who were struggling to get through major issues in their lives. As a professor, I've had to mediate between students assigned to work on group projects together. In both situations, conflicts would arise and we'd have to find a way to overcome them. I noticed a pattern emerge, however, that, when present, would halt progress dead its tracks. When one person refuses to acknowledge their contribution to their own problems, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to find a resolution.

We all struggle with being negative from time to time — it's a normal part of life — but we can allow ourselves to fall into toxic behavior that prevents our situation from improving. One of the toughest things, though, can be identifying the signs that we have become the toxic person in our lives. It can be horribly painful to admit that we are creating our own hardships but, once we take ownership, we can turn things around.

Here are some signs that you have become a toxic person: