Things you didn't know about Blue Ivy Carter

Beyoncé is a mysterious celebrity. She's so guarded about her public persona that it's thrilling when she even comments via a publicist, via email, via a profile, about her mom. So it's no wonder that details about her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, are scarce. She's a five-year-old who never asked to be in the spotlight and deserves her privacy, after all. 

That being said, of course everyone wants to know about the adorable spawn of Bey. Her mom's the queen, so that makes her kind of a princess, right? Here are some juicy (and totally kid-friendly!) details about Blue Ivy that you might not know.

She's guested on tracks for both her mom and dad

You can already hear Blue's little voice on songs from both her mother and father. At the very end of "Blue" (get it?) from Beyoncé's 2013 self-titled album, you can hear the then-toddler trying to pronounce her mom's name, and getting close with "Bee-sa-yay." She also co-stars in the music video for the song. And on Jay-Z's brand new album 4:44, the song "Legacy" is all about what he'll leave to his kids after he dies. The track begins with Blue Ivy asking, "Daddy, what's a will?"

She's a standout dancer just like her mom

It's no surprise that anyone related to Beyoncé has some moves. TMZ published a video of Blue Ivy's recent ballet recital, and the eldest Knowles-Carter child is a true standout. Honestly, she's killing it — to the tune of Earth, Wind & Fire's "September." Maybe her next appearance in one of her parents' music videos will involve some choreography.

Beyoncé is fighting to trademark Blue Ivy's name

When your mom is a brand, you're born into a thriving business. So it makes sense that Beyoncé and Jay-Z tried to trademark the name Blue Ivy soon after she was born in 2012. This could be to sell products under the Blue Ivy brand, as the couple says it is, or just to prevent someone else from naming their kid the same thing. 

However, when you give your daughter a name that sounds like an event company, sometimes the name is actually being used by, well, an event company. A corporation called Blue Ivy blocked Bey from getting the trademark to Blue Ivy, and more recently has submitted legal documents to try to prevent her from getting the trademark to the longer version Blue Ivy Carter.

She's planning a fragrance line

Do you want to smell like a famous kindergartener? Well, if Beyoncé's trademark application for Blue Ivy goes through, one of the businesses she has in mind is a fragrance line. Could Blue Ivy perfume be the next Kylie Jenner lip kit? (Meaning, another thing you see on a celebrity Instagram account that you might not need but really, really want.)

She wore an $11,000 dress to the VMAs

The Knowles-Carters aren't the type of family who worry about spending money on clothes that their kids are just going to grow out of quickly. The already incredibly stylish Blue Ivy attended the 2016 VMAs wearing a Mischka Aoki gown that cost $10,950. According to E News, the mini "Grande Royalle" gown featured a "laser-cut bodice and intricate 3-D gold metallic appliqué." Hopefully she didn't spill any apple juice on it.

She dressed as Michael Jackson for Halloween

In 2014, Beyoncé and Blue dressed up as Janet and Michael Jackson for Halloween. These costumes had everything: a duo theme, cuteness, humor, spot-on styling, and on-point accessories (Blue's mini microphone and sunglasses!). 

There's a high bar for celebrity Halloween costumes and now it sometimes seems like famous people's publicists have planned their clients' October 31st looks, months in advance. But even amidst some fierce competition, this costume was one of the best.

No one was allowed to touch her as a baby

This is admittedly gossip, but let's be honest: it's pretty believable. Rumor has it that Bey and Jay didn't let anyone touch baby Blue Ivy without wearing a surgical mask, as well as latex gloves. 

But, come to think of it, people should probably be required to wear a surgical mask and gloves before coming anywhere near Queen Bey. You wouldn't want your "normal" to rub off on her and contaminate her coolness.

Kim and Kanye attended her 5th birthday party

No word on whether Blue Ivy invited everyone in her class to her fifth birthday party, but according to Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in attendance. Even though Kanye had recently gone on a rant about Bey and Jay at his abbreviated Sacramento concert, apparently everyone let it go and moved on. The couple reportedly visited Blue Ivy for a birthday celebration January 6th, 2017, at her family's LA home.

She knows how to shut down the paparazzi

In a video that is both adorable and will make you feel guilty for your interest in her life, Blue Ivy can be seen expertly shutting down the paparazzi in a way that shows she's familiar with their invasive presence. Last June, then-4-year-old Blue waved her finger at photographers and said, "No pictures!"

She's just getting started

Blue Ivy is only five (…and a half — her half-birthday was July 6 and at that age, these things matter), and she has already made memorable contributions to pop culture. In the coming years, she'll probably be one of the coolest grade-schoolers, then teenager, then young adult — ever. Before you know it, she and North West may be running things, but you know what? With these future girlbosses in charge, we'll probably all be the better for it.