Inside Ree Drummond's gorgeous home

Have you ever dreamed of packing it in, abandoning the big city, and settling down in the country? If so, you're not alone! That's exactly what Ree Drummond did when she left the glam and glitz of urban life behind and married into the Drummond family — one of the largest landowning families in the nation. She and her husband Ladd, who she calls the "Marlboro Man" because of his cowboy good looks, reside on a 433,000 acre cattle ranch outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. You can admire their sprawling estate (if you haven't seen it on her show by now) in this video tour of Drummond Ranch, courtesy of Parade Magazine.

It's only natural to be curious about what the inside of the Drummond home looks like, especially once you've seen the endless fields they're lucky enough to call their own. So we did some sleuthing and gathered the details on where the Pioneer Woman and her family hang their hats. Check out the inside of Ree Drummond's gorgeous home.

Check out her actual kitchen

We all fawn over the kitchen in the Lodge, with its ample pantry space and its gorgeous countertops. But die-hard fans of The Pioneer Woman got a real treat when Drummond shot a video in her actual kitchen — as in, the kitchen in the house where she and her family live. She dropped a photo teaser in an Instagram post, noting that the video was shot, "in my house rather than the Lodge, where we film my show!" The video post followed soon after, giving everyone time to soak it all in.

Drummond's actual kitchen differs from the rustic-yet-elegant Lodge kitchen. For one, the colors are a bit brighter and the space looks a bit smaller. And we finally get to see the mystery tile flooring (the one in many of her dog posts) as it's visible in the photo. The cabinets are a tasteful off-white with textured glass windows. Finally, check out the beautiful, autumnal stained glass panel in the door, which could easily be a pattern on one of Drummond's colorful shirts.

So where do all the kids sleep?

Ree and Ladd Drummond have four children together: Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Todd. They've raised them in the same house where Ladd and his two brothers grew up, according to a post Ree made on her blog — which Ladd's mother designed herself. And that design — with a large, open-format sleeping area for all of the kids — worked for them until the teenage years arrived, when the girls needed a space of their own.

That's when the Drummonds decided to renovate the adjacent attic storage space, known as the Long Room. It certainly looked like a throwaway spot before, with a garish orange carpet, under-utilized space, and years of wear and tear. But with the effort and design chops of some of their friends, the room was converted into the sophisticated, tasteful girls' bedroom that is today.

Where there was orange carpet, there's now a stylish, blue striped rug. There are also locally crafted iron and wood chain beds, a wooden work surface, and ample room to knit. It's quite the conversion!

Scope out the perfectly stocked pantry of your dreams

If you live in the middle of nowhere, miles away from any stores, as Drummond does, you definitely need a well-stocked pantry. It's not like you can just run out to the store quickly, or borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor in a pinch.

Not surprisingly, it's clear from the photos that Drummond's pantry is well-tended to, fully stocked with everything from beans to baking soda to more canned tomatoes than you could conceivably need in a lifetime. And pasta. And pretty much everything else. It's inconceivable that she would ever run out of food, unless you're cooking for a small army of growing kids — which she often is.

Drummond has an understandable attachment to her pantry, which she has mused about on her blog. "I even have photos of my pantry on my phone. I miss it so," she wrote while away on a trip. She went on to point out that the vacant spaces on the wooden shelves indicate which items she needs to pick up on her next bulk grocery trip. "For obvious reasons, I don't think I'll be picking up any canned whole tomatoes," on the next run, she said.

The fridge that feeds the ranch

Just as the pantry on Drummond Ranch must be stocked with enough food to feed a working cowboy and growing children, so too must the refrigerator must be adequately loaded. Judging by the looks of it, finding a snack won't be a problem for anyone in Drummond's kitchen.

Drummond has her fridge under control — at least, most of the time. Yes, even the uber-together Pioneer Woman herself occasionally lets things get a little messy. We've all been there: Overworked and resorting to take-out again? We feel ya, girl. But the chaos doesn't appear to last long on the ranch. Drummond posted about one particular fridge overhaul on Instagram, saying, "This is not a crazy Pinterest-worthy fridge transformation; it's just simple organization." She added that the disorder was the result of Christmas break, college students, and video shoots.

In the past, the fridge hasn't looked quite as full, as you can see in this Instagram post from 2015, and this one from 2014. Looks like things have gotten more and more hectic as the years go by, as Drummond's fame — and her kids — continue to grow. 

Of course the Drummonds go all out on Christmas

Christmas is one of the few days that work stops on the ranch (along with Thanksgiving) for the Drummonds, so you know they treasure it. And as Ree told People magazine, Christmas Day definitely a day that they relax together as a family. "It's such a nice — and rare — treat!" she gushed.

No doubt Ree makes sure that the decor is on point for the big holiday, which is personally significant for her. When asked about it, she said that she keeps it low-key, and sticks with the classics. "I love nutcrackers, as I was a ballerina growing up. I love candles; the lighting is spiritual," she shared.

Ree's not one to settle for fake fir in the house, either. Instead, she has "a real Christmas tree — I couldn't live without the scent in my house," she said. You can catch some quick glances of the Drummond family with their tree here, here, and here. Here's Ladd by the tree with Henry the dog. And there's a close-up shot of her daughter's college Christmas ornament here.

The dogs are definitely allowed on the couch

The Drummond family is clearly not hurting for money, with a lucrative ranch, a television show, a magazine, a store, and more to come. But that wealth has not made them pretentious, especially where the family dogs are concerned. On her blog, Drummond often shares photos of her dogs, usually napping away on comfy couches. Looks like they get to go wherever they please! She also shared (what she calls) a "synchronized nappers" photo on Instagram as well. Fair warning that the cuteness factor might overwhelm you, especially if you have a fondness for basset hounds.

Drummond doesn't only share photos, but also videos of her pups at home on Instagram, proving you're guaranteed to get doggy kisses at her place — if you're lucky enough to visit. Until then, enjoy this video of her beloved, late pooch Charlie enjoying a snack. Note the classic tile flooring he's standing on, which often appears in Drummond's dog photos and videos.

Apparently the dogs are allowed at the table too, which you can see on the last slide of this slide show published by the Food Network. So much cuteness!

Gorgeous views everywhere on the ranch

Not only is the inside of Ree Drummond's home gorgeous, but so are the views from the inside, looking out — especially since the sky is so gorgeous in rural Oklahoma. "I love my sky," Drummond mused on her blog. "And I know it isn't my sky exclusively. But when I look out my window in the evening and see this amazing sight hovering over my house and my cattle and my dogs…I tend to think of it as mine and mine alone." She's definitely the queen of the castle.

She's shared some of these picturesque moments on her Instagram page. Check out how impossibly beautiful this sunrise is, with some super dramatic colors. You can see another one here, looking out over the yard. Apparently sunset is just as beautiful, especially when reflected in the stream on the ranch. Plus, storms can be just as dramatic, like this one from the vantage of the deck, and this one looking out over the land. Even calm, green days like this look beautiful, looking out from the Lodge. Just another day in pioneer paradise!

Take a full tour of the Lodge

On Drummond Ranch, the abode that viewers of The Pioneer Woman are most familiar with is actually called the Lodge. That's where the bulk of Drummond's cooking show is filmed — which isn't as easy as it looks, according to a post she made on Instagram.

The Lodge is warm and rustic, featuring tasteful wooden floors, a massive stone fireplace, and lots of comfy furniture. It also has abundant natural light and a total dream kitchen, suitable for whipping up the feasts Drummond creates on the show.

The Drummonds renovated the Lodge back in 2009, according to a post on The Pioneer Woman's blog. It needed work for a variety of reasons, including accommodating visiting family, structural repairs, and, at the time, Drummond's ambitions to "set up shop in the new Lodge kitchen and use it to film video tutorials." We all know how that turned out!

While the Lodge is usually not accessible to visitors, the Drummonds do open it up on occasion, according to one of Drummond's Instagram posts. If you're curious, you can check out this video tour that a fan posted who made the pilgrimage.

Keeping it low-key on Turkey day

Ever wonder what Thanksgiving is like on Drummond ranch when the cameras aren't rolling? And who's privy enough to get a spot around their holiday table? Well, Drummond revealed some of the deets in a 2008 post on her blog. "We have Thanksgiving at our house every year, and our crowd is always relatively light and close-knit," she wrote. That crowd includes Drummond, her husband and kids (of course), the in-laws, some nieces and nephews, a couple of "randoms," and Drummond's beloved grandmother Ga-Ga until her passing in 2012. 

Everyone gathers in the kitchen (which gets amazing natural light, from the looks of it) for the feast. And some even willingly volunteer for dish duty! So does she go all-out with the bird and fixings? Honestly, it doesn't get too crazy. "It's almost always a low-key, low-stress holiday," Drummond continued. 

But just because Turkey Day isn't a huge affair on the ranch, doesn't mean it isn't delicious and flawlessly executed. Specifically, Drummond's favorites are pretty traditional, according to a post on her blog. The menu includes turkey, mashed potatoes, and a wide variety of savory and sweet autumnal offerings.

Even Ree has a junk counter!

Everyone has that one part of the house, whether drawer or surface, that is a magnet for everyone's castaway stuff. Well, Drummond has one too — a counter, specifically — and it's the bane of her existence. "This counter is a real junk landing, and since it sits right between our kitchen and the rest of our living space, its junkiness can really make the rest of the house look messy," she shared in a blog post. Ugh, we feel you, Ree — the frustration is real!

On top of the usual papers, phone chargers, pens, and soda cans, some rather strange items seem to land in the Pioneer Woman's dreaded discard pile. For one, spurs and deer antlers turned up in the pile, although those aren't all that weird considering they live on a ranch. But a bronze sculpture with family significance also wound up there, along with a camera lens and a reed diffuser. At least the flowers brighten up the space!

Beneath the junk, though, are some sweet-yet-understated countertops. They look super elegant, even when they're covered with random stuff. 

Less is more in the Lodge bedrooms

When the Drummond family decided to renovate the Lodge, Ree was tasked with decorating the bedrooms. Given that she lived in smaller spaces when she was younger, she tends toward a more minimalist approach, according to a post on her blog. "I've taken the underdecorating approach with all the bedrooms at The Lodge: they're sparse, I tell you! On the other hand, my bedroom at my house is a little more lived in," she revealed. Chances are the aesthetics can't be that different at home, though.

In the end, Drummond opted for plain, light-colored walls, wooden furniture, minimal wall decor, flat-screen televisions, and hardwood floors, which she discussed in a post on her blog. She also used neutral colored linens and pillows as a base palette, adding in brighter, bolder colors when appropriate. Top it off with the stunning natural light that filters in through the big windows, and you have a recipe for comfy, rustic elegance.