Donald Trump Fires Back At Reports About Truth Social

Donald Trump has had to be on the defense full time lately. First, obviously the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago compound has the former POTUS working to clear his name over alleged mishandling of classified documents. Most recently, the GOP leader's request to have a special master appointed to review certain materials taken from the Florida residence is being considered by the judge overseeing the case, marking a potential victory for the embattled politician.

Then, there were the reports that Trump's social media platform Truth Social was in hot water. Multiple outlets reported that the Twitter alternative was losing steam, with the company poised to take the platform public losing confidence in the product given questions around Trump's declining credibility. The social site was also denied a trademark recently, fueling rumors that Truth Social is not living up to expectations.

The Washington Post doubled down on the notion that Truth Social is in trouble by citing that Trump owes over $1 million to its web hosting service, RightForge. At the time the article was published, the outlet quoted CEO Martin Avila as denying there was trouble with Trump's mouthpiece, with the executive saying, "We fully stand behind the president and his endeavors."

Now, Trump himself is speaking out against reports that Truth Social is tanking.

Donald Trump calls on a familiar refrain to defend Truth Social

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is blasting the news that Truth Social has been delinquent in paying bills and that users are jumping ship by calling such reports "fake news," one of the conservative's favorite phrases (via Axios and Daily Mail).

Taking to Truth Social, naturally, the former commander-in-chief posted that his critics are "working overtime" to "demean" the platform, adding that they won't be successful in bringing down the app by "going after the outside financial company."

Trump also shared with his followers that Truth Social was up 550% since the FBI raid, a figure that was confirmed in an August 19, 2022 story in The Washington Examiner.

It remains to be seen if RightForge will sue the parent company of Truth Social for back payments owed, as the Independent reported the web hoster was considering taking its high-profile client to court following reported financial issues.