5 Best LGBTQ Beauty Brands To Shop During Pride Month
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Noto Botanics
Created by Gloria Noto, this makeup and skincare brand is all-natural and gender fluid; their must-have product is the Agender Oil, which softens and protects hair. For the month of June, you can snag the Agender Oil and a limited-edition Glob bag that's made out of recycled water bottles.
Non Gender Specific
This genderless beauty brand offers cleansers, serums, and masks, but they're best known for the fragrance Flooid. Equality is of utmost importance to founder Andrew Glass, so he created a brand based on sustainability and dodging gender-specific products.
Tanaïs is the author of the book “In Sensorium,” in addition to the creator of perfumes, candles, and beauty products under their self-named brand. Tanaïs is a well-rounded business owner who is all about finding themself, and their products are meant to help you do the same.
W3ll People
If you like clean, simple products, you'll love this plant-based line of products founded by makeup artist Shirley Pinkston. Pinkston explains that W3ll People is "a brand built on portability, on key pieces of makeup. If you can create a look in under five products — who wouldn't want that?"
Actress Drew Barrymore, who is bisexual, created this cruelty-free, extremely affordable makeup brand; most FLOWER products cost less than $20 and are readily available in drugstores. Best-sellers on the brand’s website include liquid highlighters, eyeshadows, lip masks, and blushes.