5 Ways To Celebrate Pride Month Without Going To A Parade
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Emailing, writing letters, calling, and even texting are all options for reaching out to elected leaders. The organization GoodGoodGood provides written scripts to discuss issues with officials over the phone or via email, as well as information on upcoming and existing bills that will affect trans youth.
Out Of Yer Shell is a live database that includes donation links for a variety of LGBTQ+ youth-serving groups as well as research on how to support trans and gender nonconforming teens. Following @transyouthequality on Instagram can help you find these resources as well.
Look up queer artists on social media, or go to a coffee shop and look at the art on the walls. Read about organizations like Queer Art, which connects artists with mentors and funders, hosts digital book and print fairs, and gives creators 100 percent of the money raised.
LGBTQ+ history
Pick up a nonfiction book about LGBTQ+ history or watch a documentary like "Disclosure." For stories about the queer community, it's important to recognize the source of the work and whether the creation process was ethical.
In your own way
Attending large-scale pride celebrations can be scary, but there are lots of other ways to feel proud. You can listen to queer singers such as Lil Nas X or Hayley Kiyoko, watch television such as Netflix's "Heartstopper," or just looking for the brighter spots on the internet.