Prince Harry and Meghan Markle smile for the cameras with their arms around one another at the Invictus Games
9 Rules Prince Harry & Meghan Have Their Staff Follow
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1. Petting
While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived at Frogmore Cottage, one of their managers met with those in the vicinity, saying that the neighbors — some of which were staff — were not allowed to pet their dog. The Palace clarified that the couple didn't come up with the rule, although it was enforced.
2. Initiate
The same manager also warned neighbors and staff not to initiate a casual conversation with the couple on the street and were reportedly told to wait and see if Harry and Meghan approached them. It is possible that they were being protective, as the British paparazzi had once befriended Meghan’s neighbors for information.
3. Respond
If Harry or Meghan initiated a conversation, one could only reply, "Good Morning." The manager may have misinterpreted what the couple meant by wanting privacy when making these rules, but the couple's staff believed this was how they desired to be treated, possibly leading to the portrayal of her as a "difficult" woman.
4. The Mailbox
In the same list of rules, a palace official asked that no one put anything into the couple's mailbox, reflecting the trauma they have faced at the hands of the media. The couple has been open about how the British paparazzi have affected their mental health, and Meghan even once received a death threat.
5. Loyalty
Royal expert Valentine Low says Harry "distrusted the courtiers in the other households. And, even those close to him, who worked for him, he used to submit to loyalty tests." Apparently, this practice stemmed from the prince's deep-seated distrust of the British press from before he was with Meghan.