A Closer Look At Katie Holmes' Relationship With Her Daughter Suri
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They are very close
An inside source told Us Weekly that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise "are a real team" with a connection that "is a beautiful thing to witness." In the aftermath of her divorce from Tom Cruise, Holmes single-handedly raised Suri to be well-behaved and caring, and Suri returns her mom’s love and compassion.
Suri is her top priority
After Holmes' divorce, Suri remained her number one responsibility. Due to Holmes' efforts to shield her daughter from the media and social media, as well as her admission that she "like[s] to keep [Suri] out of [her] interviews," Suri has had a chance to grow up without constantly being mentioned in media outlets.
Suri’s birthdays
Holmes loves to go all out when it's Suri's birthday, be it treating her to a luxurious dinner and flying her to Paris for celebrations, or making her birthday special even during the pandemic. On Suri’s 15th birthday, Holmes even shared some candid photos of her on Instagram along with a doting caption.
Lockdown bonding
Holmes revealed that she and Suri watched "Dirty Dancing" about ten times during the pandemic lockdown, as well as cooked and worked on some fun projects during the lockdown, all of which brought them even closer. Holmes described their time together as being "without the pressure of results" and even called their bond "the most precious gift."
They love adventures
Holmes and Suri have been on endless adventures, be it taking birthday vacations to different countries, attending the American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala, frolicking on the beach, or going to see basketball games. However, the two also enjoy spending time together at home, where they sometimes work out together.