Amy Schumer Opens Up About Witnessing Will Smith's Violent Oscars Outburst
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Amy Schumer hosted the 2022 Academy Awards alongside Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. Shumer had previously been approached to host but declined because she said "I'm going to get myself in some trouble as per the [usual]," but ironically it was not she who caused the trouble.
Now that her hosting responsibilities are over, Schumer can reflect on the moment that everyone is still talking about: Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the stage during the awards show. "Still triggered and traumatized” she wrote on Instagram, adding that “the whole thing was so disturbing."
Schumer considers Rock a mentor, having directed her first HBO special, and the two share a mutual appreciation, with Rock adding, "She's really, really, ridiculously honest, and she's fearless." Schumer turned to Rock for aid when she was hired to host the Oscars, which he did in 2005 and 2016.