Are Sugarbear Hair Vitamins Worth It?
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Everyone wants thick and healthy hair, but this can be hard to achieve, especially when hair takes forever to grow or feels thin. Byrdie notes that genetics and lifestyle play roles in hair health, so to achieve healthy hair, we should focus on a diet full of beneficial fats and vitamins. The popular Sugarbear Hair Vitamins claim to promote hair growth in this way — but are they legit?
Sugarbear Hair Vitamins are vegan and cost $29.99 for a bottle of 60 gummies, and Honest Brand Reviews thinks the gummies are worth trying, but the downside is their price. Meanwhile, Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director Jaclyn London says the gummies are not FDA-approved, so there’s “no way of knowing if what you think you’re taking is exactly what’s in the bottle.”
Good Housekeeping points out that eating a biotin-rich diet — rather than taking supplements — will work better for hair growth. WebMD also says that even though biotin supplements can lead to increased hair growth, there is no scientific proof of reduction in hair loss, so it’s important to keep eating foods like eggs, fish, and nuts to strengthen hair follicles.