Cancer is thought to be the most intuitive of the zodiac signs, since Cancers are observant of everything and everyone around them. Cancers are also supportive, loving, and deeply loyal friends and partners, which means they usually like to spend time at home — but if they do want to take a trip, this is where they’ll be most at ease.
Astrologist Cameron Martin says, “Cancer is all about a laid-back family holiday and it is precisely this relaxed attitude that will help a Cancer feel at home in Australia.” Cancers can bring all their loved ones to this unique country and relax on the gorgeous coastline beaches, as well as enjoy group activities like snorkeling.
Martin specifically recommends Australia's Gold Coast, which has beautiful weather all year long, plus plenty of restaurants, nightlight, and of course, beaches. Other places to visit include national parks like Karijini, Nambung, the Daintree rainforest, or Byron Bay if you're looking for a different beach to lay back and relax.