387155 06: Actor Peter Reckell stars as (Bo Brady) in NBC's daytime soap series "Days of Our Lives." (Photo by NBC)
Bo Brady's Most Heroic Moments On Days Of
Our Lives
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Over the decades, Bo Brady became one of the most heroic and action-oriented characters on “Days Of Our Lives,” as he came to the rescue on more than one occasion. Looking back, Bo was Salem's hero for many years before his untimely death in 2015.
Saving his wife Hope Williams from getting married to a corrupt politician, Larry Welch, was one of Bo's most memorable and heroic deeds on "Days." He also stood by her during the birth of Ciara, despite not knowing the baby's father, and he saved her from being killed by Aiden Jennings.
His heroic moments continue when he helped his oldest son Shawn-Douglas Brady and his wife, Belle Black, flee with their daughter so they wouldn’t lose custody. He saved his daughter, Ciara, from a kidnapper, and even brought his best friend’s son, Tripp Johnson, back to life with his angel powers.