A bottle of Botox and an injection needle
Botox Resistance: What Is It And Can You Reverse It?
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Those who get Botox injections for rejuvenated skin may have heard reports circulating in the beauty industry that Botox can eventually stop working. A few factors can contribute to how likely you are to experience Botox resistance, but if you get touch-ups from your doctor regularly, you could be more vulnerable to it.
According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry, "The data that does exist suggests that two factors are important: protein load per effective dose (volume) and frequency of exposure" (via The Zoe Report). Although not responding to Botox injections is a very rare occurrence, it's essential that you avoid getting injections too often.
If you find that your Botox injections are no longer working as well as they did, speak with your doctor about trying to up your dosage or changing the brand you use. Several different brands of Botox give the same benefits and may fix any resistance issues you're facing.