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Can You Eat Almonds While Pregnant?
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There are many false pregnancy myths, but when it comes to the safety of your growing baby, you can never be too safe, and even foods that are known to be nutritious can get a bad rap. It's a no-brainer to assume almonds are healthy, but many expecting mothers shy away from eating this nut for fear that it will impact their babies.
Nuts are a widespread allergen in children, so some pregnant women worry about consuming them and making their baby allergic. However, pediatrician Dr. Ruchi Gupta says, "Mothers should not be fearful of eating certain foods and should not [...] try to protect their child from allergy"; in fact, eating nuts can cause the opposite effect.
Eating nuts while pregnant may help prevent children from becoming allergic, since they're being exposed so early on. Try to include almonds in your diet when pregnant, as studies show that nuts can result in better attention, thinking, and memory skills in your child. Almonds also help lower your cholesterol and boost metabolism.