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Can You Eat Cranberries While Pregnant?
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Cranberries, whether fresh or frozen, can be a great addition to desserts, salads, and more. This refreshing fruit also offers a plethora of health benefits, including some that are great for pregnant women, such as prevention of the common UTI — but there are also things to watch out for when it comes to cranberry consumption.
Cranberries have a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial to pregnant women, such as antioxidants, B vitamins, folate, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The fruit is also rich in vitamins C and E, which may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. However, consuming cranberries in large amounts can be risky for anyone.
Since pregnancy is a time of lowered immunity, be aware that cranberries contain a mineral called calcium oxalate, which can build up in the blood and urine, resulting in kidney stones, especially if you're already prone to forming stones. The fruit is also fiber-rich, and if consumed in excess, can cause painful gas or diarrhea.
Additionally, while fresh cranberries have a low sugar content, some canned cranberries or pre-made cranberry dishes at restaurants or grocery stores may contain unhealthy amounts of sugar. Choosing unsweetened cranberries and consuming the fruit in moderation will ensure the safety of yourself and your baby during pregnancy.