9/19/13- Capitol Hill- Washington DC Caroline Kennedy goes before the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee for questioning as they determine if she will be the next U.S. Ambassador to Japan.Caroline son , John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg listens. photo: Christy Bowe - ImageCatcher News (Photo by ImageCatcher News Service/Corbis via Getty Images)
Caroline Kennedy's Son Looks Exactly Like JFK, Jr.
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Takes After JFK, Jr.
According to friends and family, Caroline Kennedy's son, Jack Schlossberg, is already taking after his late uncle — not only for his looks but also in personality and his approach to his famous legacy, as well. Similar to his JFK, Jr., Schlossberg isn't letting his family define him, even if he does like being compared to him.
Schlossberg has certainly spent a lot of time honoring the relatives who came before him. In 2011, he wrote a letter to The New York Times after a writer criticized his grandfather on civil rights issues, and reminded readers, "Kennedy was the first president to deem civil rights 'a moral issue,' and applied federal authority to force desegregation."
In 2014, Schlossberg’s sexuality was called into question after a news outlet posted an article alleging he had come out as gay. It turns out that he was a contributor for The Yale Herald during his time at Yale but wasn't the person who wrote or shared the piece, telling Gawker,"I did not write the article and, for the record, am not gay."
Super Snazzy
Schlossberg seems to put a bit more effort into his attire than the average college student. In fact, he has been recognized for his style, making Vanity Fair's "2017 International Best Dressed List;" the look that helped him land a spot on the "Best Dressed" list is a dark suit with a gray, patterned camouflage tie.
PM Obsession
Schlossberg has posted quite a few photos of Justin Trudeau on his Instagram page referring to the Prime Minister endearingly as "boss." That both John F. Kennedy and Justin Trudeau were 43 years old when they were elected president and prime minister, respectively, which may have more to do with his obsession with Trudeau.