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Days Of Our Lives Classic Romance: Mike And April
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Mike Horton experienced a lot of drama on "Days of Our Lives," but ‌his many romantic relationships have been the main source of Mike's life's drama. However, those romances weren't the right fit for Mike, who remained unable to find true love until he met a woman named April Ramirez.
Before meeting April, Mike was connected to several women in Salem, but when he met April, he fell madly in love. However, the pair were thrown a curveball when Mike’s ex-girlfriend Robin returned to Salem and revealed to Mike that she had given birth to his son, Jeremy Horton; this ultimately ended Mike and April’s relationship.
He tried to be a family with Robin, but he couldn't get over April, who moved on and married another man. After respectively breaking up with their partners, April and Mike reunited, but it didn’t last because Mike had an obligation to his son in Israel and his shallow promises turned April away.