Does The TikTok Plastic-Wrap Makeup Hack Actually Work?
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Many beauty influencers on TikTok recommend hacks from the outlandish to the outstanding, which is why we continue to search the app for beauty secrets that actually work. A current trend encourages viewers to cover their faces with plastic wrap — will this craze actually enhance your beauty routine?
The trend, apparently started by TikToker Yazi Cole, involves applying liquid and/or cream makeup to cling wrap in a similar pattern as if you were applying it to your face, then pressing the wrap onto your skin — as if stamping the product down— and blending it out. Reactions to this technique are mixed, to say the least.
Cole's original video got over 9.6 million views and a mix of excited and skeptical comments, but beauty influencer Mireya Rios tried the hack and warned her viewers, "I can't even breathe"; not to mention the final effect isn't much different than applying your makeup normally. This trend is best left for the curious and brave.