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Downton Abbey Stars Who Sadly Died
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Bernard Gallagher
Bernard Gallagher, who portrayed Bill Molesley, father to Matthew Crawley's butler, Joseph Molesley, died of pneumonia in 2016.
Known for being an amazing gardener in the village of Downton, Molesley competed annually at the Downton Village Flower Show and lost almost every year to the dowager countess.
Tim Pigott-Smith
Tim Pigott-Smith, who died of natural causes in 2017, portrayed Sir Philip Tapsell, the obstetrician who helped deliver Lady Sybill's baby during Season 3.
Although he only appeared in one episode, he left an ever-lasting impression when his oversight of Sybill’s condition led to her shocking death.
Nicky Henson
Nicky Henson portrayed Charles Grigg, a stage actor who performed with Charles Carson, the Crawleys' butler, in their Cheerful Charlies act.
Charlie notoriously appeared in Season 1 to blackmail Carson and returned in Season 4 to make amends. Henson’s family said he died in 2019 "after a long disagreement with cancer."
Christopher Rozycki
Christopher Rozycki, who portrayed Count Nikolai Rostov, tragically died in 2015 from an accidental fall.
His character was a Russian refugee who came to Downton as part of a storyline loosely based on the Russian Revolution of 1917 and the overthrowing of the imperial government.
Jane Wenham
Jane Wenham died on November 15, 2018, at 90. She played Mrs. Bates, John Bates' mother, in Season 1, and although she only appeared in one episode, she left a legacy.
Mrs. Bates was the one that confirmed Mr. Bates' innocence in his criminal record to Anna, and when she died, she left her son more money than he thought she had.