Dr. Fauci Reveals What He'll Do If Donald Trump Wins In 2024
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During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump and his administration often butted heads with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert. In July 2020, Fauci urged citizens to continue being cautious about spreading COVID, while the Trump administration pushed to reopen the nation for business.
When CNN asked Fauci if he would remain as the Chief Medical Adviser at the White House should Donald Trump win the 2024 election, Fauci laughed and said “no.” He added, “If you look at the history of what the response was during the administration, I think, you know, at best, you can say it wasn't optimal.”
The friction between Fauci and the Trump administration lasted throughout Trump's presidency, so we can't blame the doctor for not wanting to do it all over again. While Trump has not announced whether or not he will run for presidency again in 2024, he has hinted at the possibility, and of course his supporters are hopeful.