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Everything You Need To Know About Mallorie Rasberry From Home Town
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Mallorie Rasberry is the co-owner of Laurel Mercantile, a storefront shop and online retailer that she formed with her husband and “Home Town” co-stars, which encourages citizens to pull together to rejuvenate the town’s downtown core. She and her husband also own two other companies.
Town Renewal
Rasberry has been at the forefront of the revitalization of Laurel, Mississippi, and has been active on the board of directors since its start in 2008. She also has an active presence at the Laurel Welcome Center, where she answers visitors’ questions and serves as a town ambassador.
Antiques Fan
“I’ve always loved antique shopping and collecting sentimental things,” Rasberry said, explaining that the antiques that she’s kind of obsessed with are ginger jars. “You’ll see those everywhere in my house — on the shelves, on tables, in the kitchen,” she added.
Design Style
“My style revolves around functionality and comfort,” Rasberry said in an interview, using her spacious porch as an example. Her emphasis on comfort also reflects the Southern-style hospitality she has embraced, as shown in her charming Airbnb rentals that she decorated.
The Portraits
Rasberry’s Laurel home has an array of vintage portraits, but they are not of anyone she knows. One portrait, in particular, evokes sweet memories for Rasberry because the woman in the painting reminds her of her beloved grandmother, making her think of her whenever she sees it.