When "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" newcomer Diana Jenkins introduced herself by saying, "You need a new villain? Here I am," fans knew that she was destined to be a hit. Jenkins happens to have a very different life story from her fellow housewives — here's everything we know about her past and present.
Sanela Diana Jenkins, who goes by Diana, has the highest net worth out of all the Beverly Hills housewives, with $300 million to her name. Her riches come from her work as the founder and CEO of drink company Neuro, plus her divorce settlement from ex-husband Roger Jenkins, who left her with $195 million (and only has nice things to say about her!).
Jenkins is originally from Sarajevo and immigrated to London at only 19 years old, where she worked any job she could to get by. When she married Roger Jenkins and "went from war, extreme poverty, to an extreme wealth," as she says, Diana dedicated much of her life to philanthropy and giving back to Bosnian institutions.
When Jenkins isn’t running her business or charities, she is busy with her personal life, as she has a baby daughter with her new partner, Asher Monroe. Jenkins also has a surprising circle of friends that includes Kim Kardashian, Sir Elton John, and Neil Patrick Harris, and "RHOBH" fans are already entranced by Jenkins and her storied past.