Passengers resting on a plane
Flying Soon? Why You Should Rethink Wearing Your Favorite Pair Of Leggings On The Plane
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Although there is very little you can control when traveling by air, comfort is key, especially if you're on a flight that's more than five hours. What you wear on the plane is a priority, but leggings — which seem to be the wardrobe favorite of most flyers — aren't actually a good choice.
You want clothing that will let air in and keep you and your skin comfortable on the plane, but leggings are typically made of materials like spandex, polyester, and nylon that aren't breathable. In the case of a fire, clothes with synthetic fibers are also more likely to burn and stick to you.
Leggings also constrict your legs and abdominal area for long periods, causing problems from general discomfort and bloating to hindering proper digestion. The tight fit of leggings combined with the unbreathable material can irritate your skin because of friction, especially when you're moving around to try and get comfortable.
If you are an airline employee or a pass rider of their company benefits, read up on the airline's rules for what you're allowed to wear, as United Airlines once banned two girls wearing leggings from boarding. Otherwise, trade the leggings for your most comfortable pair of jeans, or choose some cozy cotton, linen, or wool pants.