Actress Sonya Eddy smiles for the camera while arriving at an event
General Hospital Producer Explains Why Sonya Eddy's Character Died
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Very few TV shows run for decades, but when they do, it's not surprising that actors die during their tenure, and "General Hospital" has lost quite a few stars over the years.
As "GH" approached its 60th anniversary, fans were devastated when the well-loved Sonya Eddy, who played Epiphany Johnson, died in December 2022 at 55.
Already planned for the anniversary celebrations were two big actor comebacks and the return of the Nurses' Ball, but the writers added an emotional tribute for Eddy as well.
Executive producer Frank Valentini said they would not recast the part of the esteemed head nurse Epiphany Johnson because Eddy is unparalleled.
"We decided it was important to honor not only Sonya but Epiphany, and we wanted to dedicate an entire full episode all about that," Valentini said.
Valentini said everybody loved Eddy, and her character was written to be a "very pivotal person in the Nurses' Ball, so it's almost like a part two (of her tribute)."