Hair Colors That Will Always Make You Look Younger
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Our hair color can make us appear younger or older; for instance, black hair sometimes makes wrinkles more apparent, so choosing a more muted black with shades of brown will add softness and dimension. For brunettes in general, adding caramel highlights is the best way "to warm and soften facial features," according to Peter Oon of Oon Arvelo Salon.
A dark base with warm highlights will soften facial features, appear more voluminous, and catch the sunlight perfectly. For blondes, it’s best to add gold tones and highlights for that youthful appearance; Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist Michael Canalé recommends using a gloss to maintain shine and color, adding dimension and a youthful glow to your appearance.
Redheads should also aim to add warm hues to their hair, like a strawberry blonde shade, which will flatter cool skin tones and keep you from looking ashy. A bright or subtle auburn color also creates a youthful appearance, since it is a rich red that will reflect the light from your face, per HairGlamourista.