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Haircuts That Are Making You Look Older (And What To Get Instead)
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As we age, some hairstyles and colors will be more flattering than others. Hair colorist Felicia Dosso says "softer, more natural tones" won't age you as harshly as darker shades.
The inverted bob, or "Karen," haircut has harsh lines and draws attention to the lower part of your face, something to avoid if you have wrinkles. Instead, try a soft, flowy look.
Bangs draw attention to the wrinkles around your eye area and the upper half of your face. Heavy bangs can also make a round face shape appear rounder.
On the other hand, wispy bangs can make your face appear slimmer while still covering your forehead, which is perfect if you're trying to hide wrinkles.
A pixie cut can be a great way to disguise thinning hair, but go for one that's slightly longer and add side-swept bangs to conceal any thinning areas around your hairline.
Hair gets thinner as we get older, meaning long hair can look stringy, but a layered lob cut that falls above the shoulders will soften facial features and give a youthful edge.