Haircuts That Look Gorgeous On Older Women
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Change is good
Before you even choose a new hairstyle, remember that change in general is great; as the times and styles change, don't be afraid to update your look. Hairstylist Jenna Mast has seen clients age themselves by hanging onto the same style for way too long.
Long Bob
Our stylists at The List are crazy about clean, classic bobs, which are low-maintenance and always in style. Celebrity stylist Mitch Stone says anyone can rock a long bob: "A cut like this adds instant style and sexy sophistication. You can't go wrong."
Bangs are always in style, but Stone says to go to a trusted stylist who understands your face shape, because “bangs can make you look really young and sexy or make your nose or forehead look twice the size." Stylist Ruth Roche recommends long and wispy bangs for her mature clients.
Many women feel that they have to go with shorter haircuts as they age. However, Jeff Stump, owner of Artkiteks salon, says that "This isn't always the case; it really depends on the texture of the hair and how their hair ages," so don't be afraid to hang on to some length.
Super Short
Mitch Stone still encourages clients to ditch the length if they really want to, saying, "If you want to go short, I love that. It is an instant style." Damian Santiago, co-owner of mizu new york salon, told The List, "I have many mature clients that wear everything from cool pixies to razored bobs."