A woman in a towel with her hair wrapped after bathing and touches her chin while looking in the mirror
Here's How You Can Prevent Chin Hairs
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Chin hair is a part of life, but if you notice it becoming more prominent, finding out why is the first step in preventing it from continuing.
During significant hormone changes like pregnancy and menopause, facial hair is more likely to increase.
It can also result from simply aging or gaining weight, or a medical issue, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Cushing's Syndrome.
As there is a significant medical tie between increased body hair and hormonal imbalance, it's a good idea to let your doctor determine the cause if you notice an increase.
If you have hormonal issues, getting your hormones balanced and your body working will help curb or even stop the excessive facial hair.
Certain powerful medications for severe conditions can cause unwanted hair, and medicines that alter hormones can also increase chin hair.
Chin hair can also result from powders and shakes from health food stores or gyms, so it's best to check with your doctor before taking any supplements.
Registered nurse Elizabeth May says some chemotherapy and epilepsy drugs, as well as anabolic steroids, can increase facial hair if used by women.
A good rule of thumb is that you should see your doctor whenever you experience a change in your body that concerns you.
A medical professional can run tests and identify if there are any underlying medical issues — or it may be nothing at all, and a visit will put your mind at ease.