Here's What Harry Styles Did For Work Before One Direction
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Harry Styles was just a typical teenage boy before he became famous. Styles was only 16 when he joined One Direction during the 2009 season of "The X Factor," so it's hard to believe he had such a typical professional path prior to that.
When Styles was 14, he got a job at the W Mandeville bakery in Holmes Chapel, where he grew up, earning £6 pounds (about $8 USD) an hour at the time. While filming his band's documentary "This Is Us" in 2013, Styles went to the bakery, demonstrating that he hasn't forgotten his roots.
Style's former boss, Simon Wakefield, said the music star was very polite and customers were fond of him. As for Styles' childhood dream, he wanted to be a physiotherapist, but "When I had career day at school, I was told there wasn't very many jobs in physiotherapy, so I became a singer," he explained.