Here's What Nia Sioux From Dance Moms Is Doing Now
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Nia Sioux was an original member of the Abby Lee Dance Company team, and she remained on “Dance Moms” until Season 7, making her the longest running member on the hit series. Nia was consistently at the bottom of the pyramid ranking system; still, she remained on the show and worked hard to be successful at her craft.
Nia is candid about the negative aspects of her time on "Dance Moms," but she is also grateful for the opportunities it gave her, telling Forbes that she learned a lot from the show. "I look at the great things that I got from it and focus on those instead of dwelling on the negative stuff, because, honestly, that's just going to hold me back," she said.
Since leaving "Dance Moms," Nia has focused on her education and her career, and she currently attends UCLA, where she studies American Literature and Culture. College is important to her, because she never got the true school experience as a child or young teen due to the demands of her dance classes.
The now 20-something dancer is busier than ever acting, producing her own Facebook series called "Dance with Nia," releasing music and a book, and hosting her own podcast with Teala Dunn. She recently told Forbes, "My dreams are huge. I want to be an EGOT one day. That sounds kind of insane, but you never know. I'm throwing it out there. I'm going to manifest it."