Hallmark's "Good Witch" cast members James Denton and Catherine Bell
Here's Why Hallmark's Good Witch May Have Been Canceled After Season 7
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In July 2021, Hallmark announced the decision to end "Good Witch" after seven seasons and several movies, which was a fairly shocking move, as the show was incredibly popular. Understandably, fans were upset with its abrupt ending, with some claiming the season finale added insult to injury by being rushed.
No Reason
There was never an official reason given for its cancellation, although it never received critical acclaim, despite high ratings. Hallmark spokesperson Maria Fischer said that while the network was proud of the show, "Good Witch" had simply reached its "natural conclusion after a remarkable 13-year run."
Ratings Drop
It is likely that a drop in ratings is a large part of why the series was canceled, as the show went from an average of 2.2 million viewers for Season 1 to 1.5 million in Season 7. Paired with what some considered subpar writing as the series went on, it's possible that the show was fizzling out in more areas than one.
Low Morale
As ratings dropped in the last season, viewers noticed a change in the actors' performances. As one Redditor wrote, "Thank goodness [it is ending because] the show is just drifting this season, and all the actors seem to be just phoning it in." Another agreed, saying, "I think the cast and crew knew ratings were slipping, and it hurt morale."
Moving On
In the Season 5 finale, Grace leaves for college, and her character is then written off the show, which left many viewers feeling like the series was now "missing" something. It's possible that Grace leaving the show left a hole in the cast that added another reason to cancel the show altogether.