Here's Why Most Royals Wore The Color Blue For Trooping The Colour
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Queen Elizabeth donned the Scots Guards uniform to every Trooping of the Colour until 1986. She'd then be driven to the parade, which meant she wouldn't have to wear a military uniform, and thus began the rainbow of colors that Queen Elizabeth has worn to every Trooping of the Colour parade since, with one color in particular standing out as her favorite: blue.
The Queen's favorite color is blue, which she has worn 29% of the time—more than any other color—including for her Platinum Jubilee fly-past in 2022. The three Cambridge great-grandchildren, as well as the Duchess of Cornwall, donned different shades of the Queen's favorite color to the ceremony in support of her.
Behavioral color psychologist Karen Haller explained that wearing blue "communicates you are in a position of authority, trustworthy, reliable and can be depended on. You have a sense of duty and take that seriously." Other notable royals, such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, also wore blue in support of the Queen.