Here's Why You Won't Be Seeing Much Of The Royal Family For A While
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We've been seeing more of the royal family in mainstream media following Queen Elizabeth II's death, but a long break is due for the queen's relatives. In England, tradition stipulates 12 days of mourning following a king or queen's death, but King Charles III has requested that this period be extended for seven, ending on September 26.
Royal editor for Hello! magazine, Emily Nash, said that the royals need this time to "recover." "We won't see them going about their business the way they normally do," Nash says. "I think we're going to have a period of reflection and some time for them to recover from what's been a very difficult personal moment in their lives."
The recent events have been particularly difficult for King Charles, which is likely why he has extended the mourning period. "King Charles of course has a coronation to look forward to and to plan," Nash says. There's no indication yet of when that might happen but I would imagine it will happen sometime in the next six months."