How Brook Lynn Really Lost Her Singing Voice On General Hospital
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Amanda Setton has portrayed Brook Lynn Quartermaine on "General Hospital" since 2019, and while the actor, also of "Hawaii Five-0" and "Gossip Girl" fame, calls her role as Brook Lynn "really fun," the character has gone through some not-so-fun plotlines. One of these stories involved Brook Lynn losing her beautiful singing voice.
Brook Lynn was determined to become a professional singer, and even sold her shares in the profitable conglomerate ELQ to pursue her dreams. However, after Nelle Benson (Chloe Lanier) shockingly slit Brook Lynn’s throat with scissors when she caught Nelle attempting a kidnapping, Brook Lynn lost her singing voice, permanently ending her career.
The former singer eventually found a new career working for Deception Cosmetics, while still embracing her love of music as a songwriter. In later storylines, Brook Lynn spent time carrying for baby Bailey Louise, who may not be Brook Lynn's child, but still helps her become significantly selfless and develop more love for her own family.