How Many Children Does Hallmark Star Holly Robinson Peete Have?
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Holly Robinson Peete rose to fame on "21 Jump Street," where she co-starred opposite Johnny Depp. She's since appeared in Hallmark movies including "Christmas in Evergreen," the "Morning Show Mysteries" franchise, and "Our Christmas Journey," and fittingly for a star on a family-friendly channel, Robinson has a happy family of her own.
Holly and her husband of over 25 years, Rodney Peete, have four children: Ryan, Roman, Robinson, and Rodney Jr. The couple have always prioritized their family, and Holly credited her own mother for passing down her strong parenting skills, and expresses gratitude for her mom's pivotal role in her children's lives.
In 1997, Holly's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. This led to the birth of the HollyRod Foundation, co-founded by Robinson Peete and her husband. After their oldest son’s (Rodney Jr.) autism diagnosis, the foundation's focus expanded to advocacy and awareness for those on the spectrum and their families.