How Much Hyaluronic Acid Should You Really Be Using?
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Hyaluronic acid is great for attracting water to the skin and relieving dehydration, but it can backfire if used in dry climates, which can cause the product to suck out water from deep within your skin, rather than keeping it in. Plus, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, too much hyaluronic serum can cause a greasy complexion or clogged pores.
To avoid side effects, apply hyaluronic acid to moist skin, so it has moisture available on the surface and won't draw out water from within. You can use the serum up to twice a day, and while your skin may look more hydrated and plump within minutes of applying, to get the most out of hyaluronic acid, you may want to apply an emollient or occlusive over top.
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