Woman wearing an all red ensemble against a red background
How Others Perceive You According To The Colors You Wear
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Blue is a fan-favorite and a study by CareerBuilder showed that about a quarter of hirers prefer job candidates who wear it at their interview. Blue is a color that makes you appear calm, put-together, and approachable and is appropriate for just about any occasion, including appearing before a judge.
Red can make you seem confident and powerful, it’s associated with desirability making it a great color to wear on a first date. However, some studies have shown that red is also perceived as an aggressive color, so wearing red in a serious or professional setting may give off the wrong impression.
Green is usually associated with nature, which tends to make us think of peace, calm, and tranquility, but it can also represent healing, success, and hope. If you wear a lot of green, people likely see you as a down-to-earth, friendly, and balanced person.
Orange is often associated with cheerfulness and energy so people will likely perceive you as outgoing, upbeat, and optimistic. However, a recent study ranked orange as an arrogant color they didn’t associate with intelligence, so you might want to reconsider wearing it on a job interview or a first date.
"Yellow is a color many people fear wearing, but psychologically it's linked to confidence, happiness, self-esteem, and optimism," says expert Karen Haller. If you're a fan of wearing yellow, people likely see you as a bubbly and cheerful person willing to think outside the box.