How Princess Charlotte Is Bringing Levity To The Queen's Solemn Day
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The death of Queen Elizabeth II has sent shockwaves throughout the world, and her funeral on Sept. 19 was watched by billions around the globe. The people closest to the queen have been front and center all morning, and while the adults of the royal family acted seriously, little Princess Charlotte added a bright spot to the queen's solemn day.
The princess could be seen smiling at the crowds who gathered to say their final farewell to the queen, bringing levity to a sorrow-filled day. The sweet moments were captured by onlookers as Queen Elizabeth's coffin was carried through the streets, with Charlotte, her brother Prince George, and the rest of the royal family following.
Social media users couldn't help but comment on Charlotte; one spectator wrote on Twitter, "Princess Charlotte so cute. I bet we get a wave fest later." Another royal watcher got choked up during Charlotte's smiling moment, tweeting, "The pipers got me 1st up. Little Princess Charlotte looking out from the car got my husband."