The French manicure is a chic look perfect for any occasion, making it one of the most popular and timeless nail designs. There are countless variations on the traditional French manicure, such as colorful and glittery versions, but the "outline" French manicure has taken social media by storm.
The outline French manicure features a graphic outline where the white French tips would traditionally be painted, often using negative space. You can check out #frenchtipoutline tag on Instagram and plenty of examples will pop up, from subtle to colorful to edgy, and it's surprisingly simple to recreate the look.
A tutorial by Nails M L starts by using a thin nail polish brush to paint a skinny, curved line close to the tip of the nail, then painting along the the free edge of the nail and connecting the lines at the sides. You can find nail polish brushes on Amazon, and a steady hand and patience come for free (unless you count the time spent practicing).