The online dating scene can be frustrating and time-consuming, and finding a date the old-fashioned way isn't a cake walk, either; this leads plenty of people to date their friends. A study by the University of Victoria found that 68% of romantic relationships start from friendship, but how do you know if you and your BFF will work romantically?
Dating a friend has plenty of upsides: you don’t need to make an effort to get to know someone new, and both of you are prepared for (and accepting of) the negative aspects of each other’s personalities. However, before you jump into a relationship, make sure you are certain about your feelings, and that your friend is equally attracted to you.
If you know that you and your friend would enjoy the same type of relationship, and that they're not interested in anyone else, you can make your move. However, be prepared for any sort of outcome; if your friend isn't ready to take the plunge, respect their choice and don't bring up the topic again, in order to maintain the friendship.