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How To Pull Off A Nude Lip Color
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Finding the perfect lip color can be tricky: dark or bright hues can be overpowering, pale hues can make you look sick, and some colors seem like a good fit, but clash with your skin's undertone. A nude lip can look classy and natural, but also difficult to pull off — here's how to prep for a nude lip color.
Before applying lipstick, exfoliate and hydrate your lips so they don’t look flaky. For nude lips, makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo says to use a lip liner that is about two shades darker than your skin color, but make sure it doesn’t contrast with the lipstick too much; the liner should form a distinct and neat, yet subtle border.
Generally speaking, nudes with pink hues can work well for pale skin, and for medium tones, beiges and light browns are often a good fit; for dark skin, deeper caramels and cocoas are recommended. If you're still unsure, makeup artist Min Min Ma says to pick a lipstick two to three shades darker than your skin tone.