Portrait de l'actrice Brigitte Bardot lors du tournage du film 'Une ravissante idiote'  réalisé par Edouard Molinaro à Londres en octobre 1963, Royaume-Uni. (Photo by REPORTERS ASSOCIES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
How To Replicate Brigitte Bardot's Iconic Hairstyle
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Brigitte Bardot's famous 60s bouffant is a perfect combination of timeless yet retro, and hairstylist Emmanuel Esteban offers the steps you can take to replicate Bardot's iconic, voluminous hairstyle at home. You’ll need volume spray, a heat protectant, a hair dryer, curling wand, and a long-barreled curling iron.
Start with freshly-washed, still-damp hair and spray your roots with volume spray; then spray the middle and ends with a heat protectant and dry. Divide your hair into two vertical sections: one going from your temple to the top of your neck, and the other below with the rest of your hair. Curl your hair in large sections to achieve a wavy, textured, messy look.
To achieve root lift, use a long-barreled curling iron, and start curling from the back of your head, sectioning horizontally as you move towards your face. Then create the bouncy Bardot bouffant shape: brush your hair upwards and back toward the crown of your head, build volume, and spray the area with hairspray. Pull a few tendrils out to frame your face.