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How To Say Goodbye To Brassy Hair For Good
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No one dyes their hair with the intention of it looking brassy just a few weeks later, but unfortunately, it’s a common scenario. Warm tones in your natural hair color can gradually appear, giving hair an orange or red hue in certain areas, but although brassiness is a hassle to fix, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent it in the first place.
According to colorist Jana Rago, brassiness can be caused by “sunlight, washing with the wrong shampoo […] or a mistake made by the colorist, like not using a toner.” To avoid brassiness, avoid the sun by wearing a hat or staying in the shade, always wear a cap when swimming, and use hair products specifically for color-treated hair.
Additionally, try to minimize washing your hair daily; instead, aim for every three to five days and use a purple shampoo to keep your hair regularly toned. If your hair does become brassy, Rago suggests going to a professional as “you can really mess up your hair by going out of your ‘hair color family’ with any color product at home.”