Getting engaged is the beginning of something new with your partner, so you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. It’s difficult to show everyone your ring in person, so it’s important to show off that ring selfie so that everyone can easily see it!
According to Brides, “Lighting is the most important factor if you want your ring to sparkle,” so to get that shine, you should take a picture in natural lighting. Natural sunlight through a window or under some shade will make your ring sparkle, while lighting that is too powerful can create harsh shadows.
James Berglie of Be Photography says to “Select a background that is uniform and not distracting,” because you want the focus to be on the ring. A "simple and pretty" background like a skyline or pillow complements the ring, and you may want your fianće(e) in the background, too.
Lastly, a manicure will highlight the beauty of the engagement ring, says Deborah Lippman. Your nails shouldn’t steal the focus from the ring, so it’s best to keep the nail color simple, and moisturize your hands as well.