Howard Stern Has Harsh Words For Johnny Depp Amid Amber Heard Trial
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Howard Stern is facetiously applauding Johnny Depp’s courtroom exploits, suggesting it is the performance of the actor’s lifetime. During a recent episode of his radio show, Stern said, "[Depp] wanted it televised [because] that's what narcissists do," adding that that people like Depp believe "they can talk their way out of anything."
Even if Depp is not "acting," "[...] He shouldn't be putting this on TV," Stern argued, adding that Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard's careers will never recover. New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan agrees with Stern; in an opinion piece, she argued that Depp is performing so brilliantly because he knows this is his final performance.
As with most stories, there is more than one side: fans are very supportive of the beloved "Pirates of the Caribbean" star. On Twitter, the hashtags #AmberTurd and #MePoo are trending, and fans' main objective in supporting Depp is seemingly because they want his ex-wife removed from the upcoming "Aquaman" sequel.