Inappropriate Outfits Worn By Prince Harry
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Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, did not sport a military attire at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral as Harry lost all his military titles after he abandoned his role as a working member of the royal family. The non-military attire for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth wasn't truly in his hands, although the prince did choose these outfits.
An inappropriate outfit he wore many years ago, interestingly, was a uniform, but actually a costume he chose. In 2005, Prince Harry was pictured donning a Nazi uniform at a costume party, which, as biographer Robert Lacey documented in his book "Battle of Brothers," created a huge amount of public backlash worldwide.
Prince Harry eventually released an apologetic statement saying, "I am very sorry if I caused any offense or embarrassment to anyone. It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize." According to Lacey, while Prince Harry took the fall for the Nazi costume, the now-Prince of Wales didn't exactly dissuade him from running with the outfit.
Meanwhile, the costume controversy was not the only time the Duke of Sussex's attire drew criticism. In a 2013 Netflix documentary called "The Royals," the prince was hailed as dressing rather sloppily and failing to select anything tailored despite his privileged access to the top designers on the planet.