After Jason Sudeikis split from Olivia Wilde, he was reportedly blindsided when Wilde quickly moved on to her current beau Harry Styles. Sudeikis eventually moved on as well, beginning a relationship with British model Keeley Hazell in 2021, but sadly, things didn't work out between the two — here's why.
Before Hazell and Sudeikis got together, they were good friends, and an inside source said that Sudeikis always found Hazell very attractive and had a crush on her for a while. Another source said that Hazell was eager to get serious after she and Sudeikis linked up, but competing work schedules caused them to split.
Sudeikis’ friends were also unsure if Hazell was a rebound, since Suseikis only recently split from his fiancé Wilde; however, he and Hazell seemed genuinely close during their time together. Unfortunately, work commitments got between the couple and it seems they couldn’t make it work.