Inside Kamala Harris' Relationship With Her Stepchildren
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In addition to being the first Black and South-Asian American woman to be Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris is also a wonderful wife and stepmother. The touching relationship she shares with her husband, Doug Emhoff, and her stepchildren is inspiring.
Harris, who is a child of divorce, understood she needed to take things carefully with her stepchildren, Cole and Ella. There was no need to be concerned, though, because they created an almost instant bond, and she has even said that while she was “hooked on Doug,” Cole and Ella “reeled [her] in."
To Cole and Ella, Harris holds the most important role of all — "Momala" — an endearment they all agreed was a lot better than "stepmom." As life becomes even busier for this loving blended family, Harris is able to put it all into perspective, stating, "I can say one thing with certainty, my heart wouldn't be whole, nor my life full, without them.”