Inside Malia Obama's High Profile New Job
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Malia Obama, Barack Obama's oldest daughter, was just 10 years old when her father was elected president, and by the end of his presidency, she was ready to start her adult life. Malia now works in the entertainment world and has established herself as a force to be reckoned with.
Malia began pursuing a career in television and movies after graduating from Harvard in 2021. During her time at Harvard, she gained experience as a production assistant for the sci-fi series "Extant" in 2014, and went on to assist the writers of HBO's series "Girls."
In 2022, Malia secured a job in the writer's room for the Amazon series "Hive," working with director-producer Donald Glover. While some may believe that nepotism had a role in Malia’s success, Glover disagrees, saying "[She is] an amazingly talented person. She's really focused, and she's working really hard."